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Raw Organic Honey
The "Nectar of the gods" is how the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome described honey. The honeybee is one of nature's architects. Their contribution to mankind cannot be overstated as the creators of honey and bee pollen for nutrition and topical medicinal properties in promoting good health.
At Chrystal's Pure Honey we believe in providing pure, raw and nutritious honey products. We access numerous blossom sources throughout the season in their purest form. The list on this page is just some of the many registered blossoms we have available during the growing season in Southern California.

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Fireweed: A wild flower that grows in Alaska and has migrated as far South as Washington and Oregon at the base of the Cascade Mountains. This is a light colored honey that has a light taste to match. Perfect for tea. 

Blackberry: Comes from South Seattle in Washington State. This honey has a light hint of fruit flavor and is light tasting but full of sweetness. 

Grapefruit: "The cornbread honey" Smooth, thick, and creamy honey from Southern California. Perfect for tea and cornbread. 

Orange: The regular Gold Standard in honey. 

Avacado: Dark, rich and robust.

Citrus Blend: This is a California Blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon and other citrus fruits born in the south land. This is a very light honey with a tangy flavor.

Clover: Light amber in color this honey is thick with a perfect sweetness. This honey is good in and on anything.

Tangelo: Tangelo is another light honey that has a sweet and distinct citrus flavor.

Wildflower: A very dark, very sweet honey that comes from the wildflowers that live in the southwestern deserts such as eucalyptus, avocado, and sage. Good for making BBQ sauce and beer.

Black Button Sage: Pleasant and sweet. A light amber honey. Good in and on anything.

Raspberry: From Washington State, this honey is water white in color. This honey is thick and creamy with a fruity flavor.

Alfalfa: From Imperial Valley in Southeastern California.

Mountain Mint: Medium amber in color with a touch of mint flavor. Very distinct but incredibly tasty.

Buckwheat: This is a dark amber honey with a robust flavor. Excellent on toast and English muffins.

Tupelo: Light in Florida fructose.


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